Bushido II

July 8th was Bushido 2 and Team Boss rocked it!

Young Milo’s fight had to be cancelled due to a weight discrepancy and it was ultimately called off for the sake of safety. Milo is ready and hungry for the next one!

First in the Ring was Mabel— our dynamic 15 year old who practically LIVES at the gym. Mabel did amazing in her debut as she showcased her strong and aggressive boxing (1-2s all day!), great clinch game and wicked kick responses. Great job Mabel on securing a TKO in the 2nd round! 👊💥

Second we had Kalem making his debut in the ring. This guy was SO calm, cool and collected and did amazing in his first match against a skilled opponent. Kalem utilized his reach and displayed some great kickboxing and dominated with his ‘Full Plum of Death’ at close range. Great work to Kalem for securing his first Dub!

Last we had one of our biggest supporters —Mike Boyd! Mike squared off with an opponent with a bit more experience than him and took it to him! It took us a little bit of time to get settled in and comfortable, but Mike’s jab, kicks and clinch work found a home. It was 1-1 going into the 3rd round, and we were unfortunately just a bit short to secure the W. We know what we need to work and we’re eager to get back to sharpening! Great work Mike on a great competitive match! 🔥

All 3 Boss Athletes made us so proud in their performances! All 3 of them practically live in the gym and devote all their and energy into their training. Big Ups to them and we look forward to whatever’s next! 🙏🙏

Comp Team Travels to Des Moines, Iowa to compete in TBAs

Our first showing at the TBA North American Classic was a success as we went down with a team of six and we came home with TWO Belts! 

Congratulations to our two Champs Jelena Kusic and Grace Dinsmore! These two practically live at the gym and dedicate all aspects of their life to their craft. The shiny belts and trophies are what we often see after the competitions, but very few know the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to earn one of these. They are a standout example for everyone — Congratulations to Grace and Jelly! 

We are extremely proud of all 6 of our athletes who competed this weekend. We either ‘Win’ or we ‘Learn’ from the experience and we can confidently say that everyone walked away from that experience with valuable lessons learned and even breakthroughs in their game. Thank you to BenMaelle and Jason YullZach MarquesGrace Dinsmore and Jelena Kusic for representing Boss with all of your heart and putting us on the map 

Great work by all!