MuayThai Ontario COVID-19 safety and compliance certification

MuayThai Ontario COVID-19 Compliance

Certification showing that Boss Thai Boxing & Fitness Inc. and its instructors have met or exceeded the prescribed guidelines for COVID-19 safety and prevention as dictated by our governing sport authority, MuayThai Ontario.

COVID-19 Safety Certification

Both of our main instructors, Kru Yuki Yamanaka and Khris Collins have completed courses certifying them as safe COVID-19 Instructors in our facility.


Yuki began his Martial Arts journey at the age of 7 when he joined a Karate school, and 11 years later he earned his 2ND degree Black Belt. He started his Muay Thai journey at the age of 22 while specializing in Structural Engineering at Carleton University.

Since 2013, Yuki has entered the ring over 30 times and has competed all over the world, representing Team Canada in the 2014 and 2016 World Championships. His competitive career has taken him across Ontario, Western Canada, the United States, Mexico, Italy and Thailand.

He earned his Kru certification (meaning ‘teacher’ in Thai) under Kru Jeff Harrison, presented by Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai (record of 172-6), a living legend in Thailand during the Golden Era of Muay Thai.

Kru Yuki has cornered fighters in a variety of events— from exhibition matches to sanctioned competitions, including one of the largest professional organizations in the world: Glory World Kickboxing Series. He can also be seen Officiating at provincial events where he judges and referees sanctioned amateur bouts under MTO.

As Head Muay Thai Instructor, Kru Yuki is excited to share his passion and knowledge of Muay Thai— the Science of 8 Limbs— to the people of Kemptville, of all ages, inside and outside of the gym.

Throwdown in O-Town Championship bout, Ottawa, 2015
Kru Yuki Yamanaka, Head Muay Thai Instructor
Journey Fight League, Alberta, 2016
WKF World Championships, Italy, 2016
Toronto, 2017
Ottawa, 2018



A Kemptville native born-and-raised, Khris has been involved in sports and weight training for his entire life— from hockey and soccer at age 5 to sneaking into the gym at 13.

Khris has been a Muay Thai coach and athletic trainer to recreational athletes and  competitive fighters since 2016. He is a certified Canfitpro personal training specialist along with being Eat Clean Nutrition certified under Canfitpro as well.

Keeping it simple, straightforward and effective: this is how Khris helps to develop Boss Fitness’s athletes and clients. Whether you have an important event coming up that you are trying to look your best for, or you have the competition of your career on the horizon, his training methods will get you to your goals.

Be it a challenge in strength, weight loss or athletic performance— Coach Khris guarantees your success. Walk
into our gym with goals and the will to attain them, and he can show you how to get there.