Boss Hosts 2nd Women’s Self-Defence Seminar

We want to give a HUGE 🙌🏻 thank you to Randy Turner @direct_action_combat for leading us through our second 3-hour self-defence seminar at the Boss gym yesterday. We had 17 women come out even during a snowstorm! – Randy’s seminar was engaging, informative, thought-provoking, confidence-building, and FUN 🤩 Most importantly, everyone left with a few more tools in their chest that will keep them stay safe via prevention and intervention of unwanted contact. We were able to refresh our memory from the first seminar, but also learn new and important techniques!

Whether you attended our first or second seminar or if you missed them both, our next seminar on May 6th covers the psychological aspects of self-defence as well as going more in-depth with ground work and self defence techniques from a pinned position, but also learning how to get out of hostage situations! There will always be something new to learn, so keep showing up! 💜


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