Boss Members Compete in ‘Live at Lansdowne 7’

We had two competitors step in the ring at the Live at Lansdowne event!

First we had Rob Hossie taking on an undefeated, young, aggressive pressure style fighter who loved to swing for the fences and outwork his previous opponents in the clinch. What can I say? This was Rob Hossie’s BEST performance to date. Great footwork, busy clinch knees, striking and boxing while moving backwards and amazing forward pressure with his infamous kicks whenever his opponent was taking a break! Rob earned himself a Split Decision Win and will now be facing opponents in B Class! 🦵🏼🥊

Lastly, we had our Assistant Coach and Senior Student — Khun Zach Marques step in for the Co-Main Event. This fight was truly the People’s Main Event — where we squared off with a long time friend and very talented Nak Muay out of Ottawa Fight & Fitness. Zach went through a lot of challenges during this fight camp, losing over 15 lbs in 6 weeks, finding out his opponent changed 1.5 weeks from his fight AND learning that this would be an A-Class match 2 days before the fight instead of a B-Class match that we had prepared for. Nonetheless, we RISE to the occassion at Boss Thai Boxing. We are thorough in our training when it comes to the diet, conditioning and technique and we are prepared for these kinds of last minute changes. Zach’s match was arguably the Fight Of the Night with both athletes showcasing a high level of Muay Thai. Zach’s opponent showcased some slick and fast Muay Thai that seemed to be catching us early in the fight. Zach turned it around in a CLOSE 2nd round with his forward pressure and higher cardio. Round 3 — Wow! Zach lands a great high kick that knocks his opponent down. The scorecards are tallied and the People’s Main Event ends in a DRAW! Whata fight. Kudos to both Zach and Rob for stepping in the ring and representing Boss at the inaugural Live at Lansdowne event — it was a fantastic night of the Art of 8 Limbs in Ottawa! 🇹🇭 🏆

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