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Who run the world? Girls.

Do you want to burn up to 500 calories in 50 minutes — and have fun doing it? Learning how to control your body using striking techniques and smashing pads with a trusted partner are both excellent forms of exercise and therapy. Destress and unwind after a long day with a high-intensity workout that improves your cardio (heart health), strength, muscle tone, joint health and mobility in a safe and structured class environment.

Our women’s classes are now full-contact and partner-based. Arrive on your own to be partnered with a senior student, or enrol with a friend/sister/aunt/mother and learn Muay Thai together!  

Group photo of Boss Thai Boxing's women only Muay Thai program

You will:

  • Receive top-tier technical Muay Thai direction by a qualified instructor.
  • Learn to punch, kick, knee and elbow — sharpening your tools for self defence.
  • Get the workout of your life: a full-body blast that will make you sweat and build on muscles you didn’t know you had!
  • Feel a sense of community and belonging, surrounded by women of all ages, with the same mindset and goals.

What to Bring and Wear:

  • BOSS T-shirt
  • BOSS Muay Thai shorts
  • BOSS Boxing Gloves
  • BOSS Shin Guards
  • BOSS Hand Wraps
  • Water bottle
  • This is a barefoot class

All BOSS gear can be bought in the gym.

Five star Review of the women only class

the Women-Only class at BOSS is a kick-butt combination of interval training and pad smashing to get you "glowing."


ADULT & TEEN (13+)

$69.99 +HST


Based on a 1-year membership.

$79.99 +HST


No commitment. Cancel with 30 days’ notice.

  • Unlimited access to all Women Only Muay Thai Fitness classes
  • FREE BOSS T-SHIRT when you sign up
  • GET 1 MONTH FREE when you pay in full for 1 year.

If you’re new to BOSS, we invite you to try your first class absolutely free. Simply fill-out the Free Trial form below, then follow the 3 steps in the email sent to you. 

One of our Instructors will reach out to you to book you into our class schedule and reserve your spot in one of 6 individual training spaces. 



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